Tent of Nations Farm

Tent of Nations

Agricultural land in large areas of the West Bank is under threat from confiscation if it is not regularly cultivated, which is not always possible due to a lack of permits or permanent labour force and severe access restrictions.

Tent of Nations is a working farm in the South West hills of Bethlehem growing olives, grape vines, almonds, vegetables and fruit. However, it is under constant threat from the expansion of the three large Israeli settlements that surround it. To try and stop the farm land being annexed by the Israeli military & the settler communities,  the farm has opened its doors to the public.

Tent of Nations’ message is to ‘build bridges between people, and between people and their land.’ To do this, it welcomes local children, school groups and international volunteers to come and help work on the farm. Doing so helps to keep the land productive, educates the visitors & shows a demonstration of solidarity to the owners, residents of nearby Bethlehem and the people of Palestine.

Find out more at: http://www.tentofnations.org/about/


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