Extract from my diary (2) : the ancient city of Jericho (PHOTOBLOG)


This post is unashamedly touristy and is really just an opportunity to show off my photos from beautiful Jericho, the oldest city in the world…

We started here, at the foot of the Mount of Temptation, the spot where the devil is said to have tempted Jesus to make a loaf of bread out of stone during a 40-day fast.


We climbed the mountain with the warm sun on our backs (Jericho is always warmer than the surrounding areas because it is so low, the lowest city on Earth in fact). The hike took about an hour and wasn’t too demanding, however I can imagine in the occasional 55c heat of Jericho’s summer it would be unbearable.


When we got to the top we reached the Monastery of the Qurantul, here I think the picture speaks for itself.


We were lucky enough to be able to go inside the monastery before it closed, the view from the balcony was incredible.


After sipping some well needed pomegranate juice which was deliciously in-season, we walked back down to the city of Jericho. Here we ventured to the Tree of Zacchaeus, a sycamore tree famous because of its mention in the Bible, and Hisham’s Palace, an ancient site of archaeological ruins.



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