Safe and Sound.

A few days ago my travel diary arrived safe and sound – I had to send it via mail as I couldn’t take it through the airport with me (Israeli airport security couldn’t know what we were doing in the West Bank or we would have been deemed a threat to the state and banned from returning!)

I really want to continue publishing stories, photos and articles about some of the things I have seen and heard during my time in Palestine. I feel that there is so much which could and should be shared, and now I have some time I can sit in a little coffee shop with my laptop and a cup of tea and reminisce about the best three months of my life.

The arrival of my diary means that I can flick back through the past three months and copy some of what I have written onto my blog to share with you all. Over the next few weeks I endeavour to update Palestinian Diary as much as possible. Following all the humility and warmth I received from the people I met, the least I can do for them is to share their stories.

Children in Taybeh practising their dance routine for Mother’s Day (March 2013)



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