Palestinians in the Jordan Valley (PHOTOBLOG)

Palestinians in the Jordan Valley face displacement, heavy restrictions and deep poverty. They are denied access to satisfactory quantities of water – the school we visited had no water for the children to drink that day and the price has sky-rocketed in recent years. They cannot move freely; 80% of the Jordan Valley is completely prohibited from Palestinian use and only 5% is available for Palestinian development. Houses are regularly demolished – we drove past one building which had been knocked down 9 times in one year before an NGO stepped in to help the community apply for a permit. Food supplies are insecure, the Jordan Valley has almost the same percentage of malnourished children as in Gaza. Children are also forced to sacrifice their education to help their families earn an income, between 500/1000 Palestinian children work in Israeli settlements.

All of these issues, and more, highlight the vast disparity in living standards between the Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley, and their unwelcome Israeli neighbours.

Info from Ma’an Development Centre: 

Photos are my own