Make Hummus Not Walls


I can’t admit to taking this photo, although I do hope to do a tour of the graffiti along the barrier wall sometime in the next three months. Make Hummus Not Walls is found in Bethlehem, where we intend to travel on Sunday all things permitting. From where we are based in Ramallah, most places of interest are brisk walk or at least a service taxi ride away.

This post is intended to be a bit of a food critique. Or maybe the opposite as so far I have been unable to criticise any of the food we have eaten here. Perhaps it is just that my bland English tastebuds are so overwhelmed by the different tastes and flavours that I appreciate whatever I am given, but I really think it is more than that.

Falafel and hummus are of course the most popular foods in the region. But these are no Tesco eats, these are little bundles of warm, crispy goodness doused in creamy hummus. The olives are as fresh as they come, and although I am yet to try any grilled halloumi, being the cheese addict that I am I know it will be amazing.

I haven’t yet sampled any Arabic coffee, although I have been getting used to Palestinian tea minus milk. Instead, Nana mixed mint and sage leaves with traditional Twinnings to create a fresh-tasting tea with tons of sugar. The other popular drink here seems to be lemon and mint, the girls haven’t stopped talking about this since tasting it in Jericho a few days ago.

This afternoon we went for a ramble around Ramallah, visiting fruit and veg markets, sock and slipper stalls and picking up a rug for 10 shekels, which translates to roughly £2. We stopped for lunch in a small cafe along one of the main streets and attempted to order falafel and humus for the table. Alas, we somehow ended up ordering about 20 small plates of food; vegetables, cauliflower, hummus, pitta and half a chicken, each. We ate as much as we could but were defeated miserably ‘man vs food’ style. Embarrassed to leave such a large amount of waste, we asked for boxes and took the chicken carcasses home to make soup (and feed Willy the dog).

Hummus in Ramallah
Hummus in Ramallah
Hummus, veg & half a chicken
Hummus, veg, chips & half a chicken

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